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  • Beauty Newsletter: April 2017
  • beauty |    23 March, 2017  |    No Comments    |   
  • We let you in on what’s been on our beauty radar in the past month!

  • Philosophy – Skin-protecting brightening UV+ Shield

    Not happy with the basic sunscreen currently out there in the market? Not only does this skincare product shelter your skin from UVA and UVB rays, the lightweight formula can also suffice as your moisturiser.

    Laneige – Two Tone Tint Lip Bar

    This is the moisturising version of the cult Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar. If you’ve always had trouble perfecting that natural gradient ombre lip, the precise V-shape design and formula of the lip tint bar leaves a rosy tint on the inner parts of your lips without drying them out.

    Lancôme – Blanc Expert Cushion 3.0 High Coverage

    The latest cushion foundation from Lancome offers an even lighter application with the same high coverage! With promises of flawless, weightless and lasting coverage, this compact cushion foundation is a triple threat!

    Fresh – Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

    Harnessing the benefits of citrusy fruits such as lemon, orange and clementine, this mask is jam-packed with nutrients and supplements for glowing and revitalized skin. Despite having the scent of marmalade, this mask is a breeze to apply and rinse off!

    The Body Shop – Almond Milk & Honey Range: Soothing & Restoring Body Lotion

    The first sensitive-dry bodycare range by The Body Shop is enriched with organic almond milk from Spain and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia. The Almond Milk & Honey soothes and restores any sensitivity or irritation to your skin.

    Dior – Lip Sugar Scrub

    This dual-function lip product exfoliates and moisturises your lips, providing a smooth canvas to layer on a lipstick or gloss. The lip sugar scrub is packed with with grains of sugar that melt into your lips, leaving your lips soft and supple. What sets this lip scrub apart from other scrubs is that you don’t have to wipe it off and this can be used to achieve a “no makeup” look.

    Tory Burch – Love Relentlessly

    What can be more romantic and sentimental than basing your perfume off your parents’ love story? The designer also named the perfume after her father’s signature used in his love notes! With a fun mix of fiery pink pepper and patchouli, this is a delight for your olfactory senses.

    M.A.C – Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson

    The annual Mac Campaign is back yet again and this time they’ve partnered with Taraji P. Henson to Jussie Smollett to help people living AIDS or HIV. If you weren’t already aware, since its launch in 1994, all proceeds from the Viva Glam campaigns has gone toward the cause.

    Hugo Boss – The Scent For Her

    Featuring hints of peaches and osmanthus, this modern perfume exudes an elegant sweetness. If floral and fruity fragrances are your thing and you like your fragrance to last all day, then this scent is the one to get!

    Kiehl’s – Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

    If you’re prone to acne scarring and pigmentation, this water-based serum corrects your problem areas with continued use. To maximise the efficacy and potency of the product, use this in conjunction with sunscreen over a period of time.

    Make up store – High Tech Lighter in Mercury

    Don’t be put off by the colour of this so-called highlighter. This swatches beautifully on the skin and enhances your complexion. Thanks to its silky soft formula that provides a sheen, this can function as your eyeshadow, blush or even lip gloss!

    Albion – Embeage Excia Conectar Range

    This luxurious and decadent Japanese skincare line for your skin uses our body’s natural bio-antioxidant called DHEA. This anti-ageing ingredient aids in diminishing oxidative damage and impedes maturing internally/on a genetic level. Add this range to your skincare regime for that added glow and luminosity.

    Share with us some of your latest favourite beauty finds in the comments. We’d love to hear what other beauty products you’ve been loving lately!


  • Andrea x Pomelo: What’s In My Bag Travel Edition
  • style |    20 March, 2017  |    No Comments    |   
  • Flew up to Bangkok a few weeks ago for Pomelo, and we filmed a super fun “What’s In My Bag – Travel Edition” video!

    Just to name a few, my DSLR (Canon 5D Mark II), a mini notebook, lipstick, and my headphones (not featured, but the Bose QC25s are my go-to) are a definite must-have in my flight bag. I’ll be sharing a Behind-The-Scenes blog post in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, follow #AndreaxPomelo on Instagram to see all my Pomelo looks!


  • How To: Create 3 Different Hairstyles with a Hairdryer!
  • beauty |    17 March, 2017  |    No Comments    |   
  • We put Dyson’s Supersonic Hairdryer to the test and create 3 simples hairstyles you can achieve on your own at home!

  • Look 1: Voluminous Straight Hair

    No need to head to the salon for a blowout anymore! This look is perfect if you are going for an effortlessly sleek look.

    What you will need: A large rounded hairbrush and the Dyson Supersonic Styling Concentrator attachment. The following technique will leave your hair feeling bouncy, voluminous, and silky smooth!


    1. After shampooing and conditioning, make sure to apply your preferred hair protectant products before blow drying to minimise any hair damage from heat exposure. The good thing about the Dyson Supersonic is its heat settings are capped at 100°C, which means your hairdryer will never overheat, and your hair and scalp are protected from extreme heat damage.
    2. Blow-dry your hair till partially dry. Working with the lowest air and heat settings (60°C), gently comb through your hair using your fingers.
    3. Section your hair into inch-long portions. For the mid-length to bottom sections, roll your hair into brush and direct the airflow in a downwards direction, brushing your hair inwards as you approach the ends.
    4. Top to mid-section of hair: Roll hair under a round brush and blow-dry the top portion of your sectioned hair in an upwards and inwards motion towards your head. This supplies your hair with volume.

    **Dyson Supersonic settings: Low heat and medium speed.

    Look 2: Wavy Hair Using French Braid Technique

    If you are looking for an easy, fun and playful look, this hairstyle is so easy to achieve! If you want more natural waves, create larger braids, or start braiding from mid-length onwards!

    What you will need: Dyson Supersonic Smoothing Nozzle, 4 Hair Clips, and 4 Hair Ties.


    1. As with the previous look, blow-dry your hair till it’s slightly damp.
    2. Divide your hair into 4 sections. How to achieve an even distribution: Start with a centre parting, using your fingers, divide each half of your hair from the top of your head to the back of your ears. Use clips to ensure that each section will be undisturbed while braiding.
    3. Taking one section, divide it into three equal portions using your fingers.
    4. How to braid: Begin by crossing the strand “on top” over to the strand in the middle. The right strand should now be the strand in the middle. Then, cross your left strand over the middle stand. The left strand is now the strand in the middle. Repeat this process until you can no longer cross any strands. Note that the key is to ensure you’re always crossing over the top strand. Secure your braid with a hair tie.
    5. Proceed to braid the other 3 sections.
    6. Blow dry each section for 5 minutes with the Dyson Supersonic Smoothing Nozzle. We’d recommend going for the lowest heat setting, with the lowest air speed. Remove braids, starting from the bottom and working your way to the top. Comb through hair with your fingers.

    Look 3: Natural Curls

    This has to be my favourite look to achieve using the Dyson Supersonic. The romantic curls just elevates any appearance, and gives you an instant Korean-celebrity makeover, no? (:

    What you will need: Mid-sized rounded brush, and the Dyson Supersonic Styling Concentrator and Diffuser.


    1. Remember to apply your desired hair-care products onto wet hair before blow-drying.
    2. Blow your hair till partially dry.
    3. Start with the fringe, use clips to clip back hair that you are not styling to prevent any tangling.
    4. Starting from the ends of your hair, use a brush and start rolling your hair towards your head, in an outwards direction.
    5. With your Dyson Supersonic on a medium heat and air settings, constantly rotate the brush inwards and outwards to distribute the heat evenly along your hair with the Styling Concentrator accessory.
    6. Unravel the brush and twist your hair out from the brush simultaneously.
    7. Repeat this process until you have finished curling all your hair.
    8. End off by using the Dyson Supersonic Diffuser to diffuse the heat evenly through your curls to make the curls last longer and look bouncier!

    And… there you have it! Three looks so easy to achieve in the comfort of your own vanity! What I really love about the Dyson Supersonic is how strong its speed settings are, the looks are so quick to achieve once you master the brush and braiding techniques. If you have any comments on your own Dyson Supersonic experience, leave a comment below!

    I’ll be partnering with Dyson over the next few months to bring you more hairstyling tips, tricks and trends. Stay tuned to the blog for more!