• Sunset Hiking at Puaka Hill (Pulau Ubin), Singapore
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  • Spend an evening exploring this hidden gem on Pulau Ubin!

  • Brought the DC Team for a “team-bonding” excursion to Pulau Ubin, where we caught an amazing sunset at the peak of Puaka Hill.

    You only have to be at the summit of Bukit Puaka, or Puaka Hill, to discover its picturesque view, words and pictures do not suffice. In this blog post, we document our journey to Puaka Hill, and share our tips and suggestions on getting round and about this new favourite hiking route.

    Best Time To Go, and Getting There:

    Estimated Time to Peak of Puaka Hill: 30-40 minutes from Changi Ferry Terminal without any sightseeing stops.

    Estimated Total Cost: $11 inclusive of return Ferry Ride and Bicycle Rental.

    We arrived at Changi Ferry Terminal to catch the bumboat to Pulau Ubin at 4pm. The bumboat ride will take approximately 10 minutes, the bicycle ride to the bottom of Puaka Hill another 10 minutes, and the hike will take you less 10 minutes tops (if you hike at a leisurely pace). So arriving at 4pm at the Ferry Terminal *may* be a little early, but it is a good time to depart – especially if this is your first time to Pulau Ubin – as it will take you some time to navigate your way to Puaka Hill. A 4pm departure is also recommended if you do not want to miss the golden light moment for photographs. Plus, you will have more than enough time to enjoy a sandwich at the top too, just like we did!

    The bumboat runs on a flexible schedule, and runs from sunrise to sunset. It will only depart once a capacity of 9 – 12 persons is reached. A one-way trip will set you back about $3. An extra $2 is charged if you bring along a bicycle. Alternatively, if there is no one around and you’re not keen to wait, or if you are traveling with a group, you can hire the whole boat for $36.

    Cash Only!
    All transactions on the island have to completed with cash!

    Bicycle Rental
    Once you arrive at Pulau Ubin, bicycles are available for rent at $5 per bike.

    Sights Along The Way
    Butterfly Hill and Pekan Quarry are sights worth checking out while enroute to Puaka Hill.

    Arrival at Puaka Hill
    Cycle towards Pekan Quarry or Jelutong Campsite, and continue for another 6-8 minutes. Look out for the Puaka Hill signboard on the right (you can’t miss it). Alternatively, look out for Merbah Hut. Upon arrival, there are bicycle stands for you to prop your bikes.

    At the Top
    The hike up isn’t arduous, but look out for slippery mud and pebbles, especially during wet weather situations. What awaits at the peak is something you have to experience for yourself: the stillness of the waters, coupled with the surrounding dense greenery can leave you in awe and at peace at the same time.

    After The Hike
    Seafood restaurants are only open on the weekends if you intend to have dinner at Pulau Ubin. We actually recommend a weekday hike if you can (we had the hill to ourselves most of the time) and you can end off the hike with Coconut Ice Cream, or dinner at Changi Village, next to the Changi Ferry Terminal.


    This hike is perfect if you want to disengage from city life and wind down amidst the untouched laidback Ubin landscape. If you’ve been to Puaka Hill, share your experience by leaving a comment below, or if you have any other questions regarding this hiking route, leave a comment too!


  • DIY Spray Paint: Spruce Up Your Space With Just Spray Paint
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  • ‘Upcycling’ your everyday items with a golden touch!

  • It’s a new year, so that means it’s time for a refreshed living space! You’d be surprised at how some spring-cleaning or sprucing up can drastically change your mood! I mean, don’t we all get that inspired and invigorated feeling by looking at a space or that reflects your personal aesthetic?

    In this blog post, we introduce a very cost-effective way to spruce up your space, be it the study or the bedroom: Spray-Painting!

    We spray paint a couple of everyday items to give your room a more decorated appeal. Most of the items in this blog post can be found in Daiso, Muji, and IKEA, and costs about $3-4 on average (minus the clothing rack from IKEA). Why spray-paint you might ask? It dries fast, provides a smooth finish and saves time!

    Before starting, think about a theme or a colour scheme you would like to go for. We opted for feminine hues like rose gold, bronze and gold.

    If you prefer a vibrant or bold effect, go for complementary colours (i.e. Red & Green, or Blue & Yellow). Use the colour wheel as a guide.

    Masking tape, newspapers, spray paint, plastic table cloth, plastic gloves

    Before starting, make sure to cover wherever you’re painting with newspapers. Have a 10-15cm space between the object and the spray can to ensure an even coating. Leave to dry once you get a pigmented layer. Once dry, repeat spraying process till desired colour comes through.

    Clips from Typo; Book Stand from IKEA; Grid, Pencils, Pencil Holder and Plate from Daiso

    Add personal touches to your study by including photographs or memorabilia like concert tickets. Use your coffee table books/magazines for decor too.

    Tray, Watering Can from Daiso; Hangers from IKEA; and Lotion Bottle from Muji


    We hope this blog post was useful in helping you think of ways to elevate your space! Spray-painting is affordable – a can of paint costs less than $10, and you can paint existing items you own – and can be a fun weekend project with your siblings, friends or loved ones! If you love this DIY idea and would love to see more, leave a comment below! x


  • Hello 2017
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  • Here’s wishing you a wonderful and amazing 2017 ahead!

  • 2016 flew by so fast, and I have caught myself remarking at how fast the year passed multiple times over the course of the year. I’m not too sure if it was a good or a bad thing (that it flew by fast), but it was definitely a year for lessons and growth, lessons that I hope to carry into the new year.

    I’ve started this year so far so good. Mostly spending it with Imran and my family – I cooked fried beehoon for my family yesterday, and it felt so good because I haven’t been cooking the past few months due to work, and cooking has always been my go-to happy place, I love eating healthy home-cooked food, and seeing my dad and brother happy with a good hearty meal. I’ve also spent the past few days with people that matter: as your circle of friends grow smaller with each passing year, I’ve learned (and am still learning, to be honest) to surround myself with people that will make me a better me. People who are truly and genuinely happy for you, and people who will stick by you and support you no matter what.

    Besides prioritising my relationships and being-at-home time, I feel an immense pressure to focus on the blog and to make it better. Don’t get me wrong, pressure has always driven me, and is what I feel motivates me to produce better stronger content. So pressure is good! Over the past year, I’ve expanded the dreachong team to include lovely and hardworking staff: my Graphic Designer/ Assistant Elsie, Videographer Alicia, and recently, Editorial Intern, Puay Fang. The goal is to grow the dreachong community to include categories that are more than just style, beauty, and travel. We want to talk about a wider range of content: from sharing recipes, fitness tips and tricks, spots in Singapore that are worth checking out, to DIY ideas, home décor, and personal sharing pieces like this. All with a dreachong take and flare to it, of course. We will also be revamping the website within the next couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to unveil that. If you have any thoughts and suggestions on what we can write or put up, feel free to leave a comment behind. In 2017, I hope to speak to you guys more personally and intimately through posts like this, and it would mean the world to receive some love back too! (:

    My other goals for the year: 1) Hit the gym and exercise more, I know, so cliché, but really, I find myself needing it what with the reduced metabolism and regular fatigueness I’ve been experiencing. Some exercise should do me some good. 2) Collaborate collaborate collaborate! I am looking forward to exciting collaborations with fellow bloggers, creatives, and brands, some of which are already in the works. If you have a collaboration idea in mind, holla at me at hello@dreachong.com x

    And that’s all from me for now, and before we next meet like this, here’s wishing you a wonderful and amazing 2017 ahead.